Fleet control and management

IntroducingFleet control and management

At Fleetly, we have developed several services for freight, passenger and logistics transport companies, which are based on the real-time location tracking, monitoring and recording of each vehicle with instant alarms, messaging and much more.

We offer the most effective & efficient control, management of fleets.

For transport companies, it is very important to incorporate satellite technology as they expand as it allows us to know the exact position of any GPS device. Our services offer the ultimate security and assurance to our clients and customers.

The advantages of having a smart and intelligent control and management system of fleets include a real-time location of vehicles and their drivers, knowing the state of the engine, being aware of the speed at which your vehicles move and receive a notification when the driver exceeds speed. You can even identify areas that have no signals in their routes and record signal loss events.

We value our customers’ security and peace of mind. Therefore, we also have after sales service with different customer service channels (mail, chat, telephone and account executives) and a responsive presence of technical services. We are characterized by personalized attention to our customers and coverage throughout the national territory.