Best sensor for your vehicle


Fleetly is a leading component distributor for parts and components of Fleet solution. If you are in need of a specific component get in touch with us. The below are some of the hardware items we keep in stock and supply all across PAN India.

  • Fuel-Sensors
  • Driver-ID
  • Temperature-Sensors
  • Relay


A fuel level sensor is a device designed to make precise measurements of fuel level in vehicle tanks. These measurements combined with a GPS tracking and telematics platform functionality enable the following data to be harvested.
These sensors are mechanically connected to a float which moves up or down depending on the fuel level. As the float moves, the resistance of the sensor changes.

fleetly Fuel sensor for your vehicle
Best RFID Reader by fleetly


Driver-ID belongs to a group of technologies referred to as Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC).RFID tags contain an integrated circuit and an antenna, which are used to transmit data to the RFID reader. The reader then converts the radio waves to a more usable form of data.
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Fleetly temperature sensor is an electronic device that measures the temperature of its environment and converts the input data into electronic data to record, monitor, or signal temperature changes.
The sensor is made up of two metals, which generate electrical voltage or resistance once it notices a change in temperature.

Best Temperature sensor for your vehicle