Our partners are provided with all the information resources and communication platforms needed for work, along with constant assistance from Fleetly.

vehicle tracking system application for resellers

Fleetly brand compliments your existing technology and provides enhanced vehicle tracking telematics systems with video and computer vision. If you are an existing technology provider for vehicle solutions or Fleet operations, we have a synergy that benefit both organisations and keeps you ahead your competitors.

We extend our partnership model for wide range of business models.

  • Resellers
  • White Labelled Software solution
  • Synergy Partnerships
  • Video and Computer Vision Syndication
  • Vehicle OEM
  • Insurance Companies

White Labelled Software solution

Fleetly offers white label or a private label solution to technology partners to start selling a market leading video and telematics solutions to customers. Quick start with Fleetly to offer latest and innovative solution to your customer base, focus on sales and leaving the technology integrations, support with Fleetly.

fleetly gps tracking for white labelling
fleetly gps tracking synery partnership

Synergy Partnerships

Fleetly collaborates with partners to present proposals to public sector proposals and our open API enables other system integrators to integrate faster and deliver best in class solutions.


If you are a reseller of a vehicle technology solutions to end customers, we are here to help you with PaaS based enhanced video telematics platform powered by extended event detection algorithms and driver safe technology.

Partnering with Fleetly, expands your horizon to offer additional services to your clients. To unify your customers, we can help you integrate all your existing customers onto a single platform to save you costs subject to volume of units. Fleetly partnered with leading hardware collaborators and manufacturers across China and India to bring top quality and high-tech hardware to the market.

Video and Computer Vision Syndication

Across the world many technology companies offer traditional GPS Based tracking platforms and enriched application processes focused on a specific industry client base. Fleetly opens a gateway for these technology companies extend their offering with Video and computer vision integration. This synergy brings benefit to both organisations and enables the partners to focus on core technical strength.

fleetly gps vechile oem tracking

Vehicle OEM

Vehicle body builders and bespoke vehicle design companies partnering with Fleetly can extend their services to their customer bases by introducing Vehicle monitoring solution from the design base therefore vehicle camera and tracking systems are fitted at manufacturing stage. This would enable vehicles to conceal all cables and fitments to match colour scheme of the vehicle. This synergy benefits both organisations to provide additional revenue and service

Insurance Companies

Fleetly developed its video-based telematics platform keeping insurance sector synergies and partnerships in mind. Fleetly solution is customisable to suite the needs of insurance markets in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia markets. Fleetly’s bespoke insurance market solution extends its offers to help young driver insurance, Usage Based Insurance. , commercial insurance markets and fully loaded with risk application management such as DR. Resolva to manage and mitigate risk time to time.

fleetly Insurance Companies