fleetly gps tracking by location based

Location-based fleet management services

Utility suppliers often need a system to tackle the complexities of fleet operations while ensuring compliance with government policies and cost reduction. Managing the fleet operation and tracking the assets require thorough and well-structured software package and digital solution. The Fleetly real-time fleet operation solution for utility companies allow the user to find the nearest station and to assign the operation to that station.

Enhancing your fleet operation efficiency

The software is equipped with features like geofencing and notification alerts to inform the employee about the station and to ensure they reach on the site on time. Where the software package and solution guarantees you with improved operation efficiency it also optimizes the task assigning and staff usage across various sites. Our system not only keeps you updated about the status and location of your asset rather it also allows you to view the records of vehicle usage and team efficiency.

fleetly Enhancing operation efficiency

Benefitting you with amazing features and fleet management software

fleetly amazing features

Where our fleet management software package allows you to save a significant fraction of your budget it also improves the utilization of your staff and vehicles. Our utility consumers can avail the following benefits:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Assured compliance with government policies and fleet regulations.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate route setting.
  • Task assignment based on the current location and status of the station.