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GPS Security Tracking System for 2wheelers is the most recent innovation. This GPS gadget for the bicycle is to follow your bicycle live on a guide. On the off chance that your bike is taken, you will get a SMS caution and you can turn off your vehicle motor just by sending SMS to your bicycle's Security framework, for that GPS Tracking devices fleetly has added more features in its own style.

Concox GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Concox Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

Concox Ignition Status

Ignition Status

Concox Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Concox Playback Trips

Playback Trips

Concox Multiple Alarms

Multiple Alarms

Key Features
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Superior GPS + LBS Positioning
  • Plug out alarm
  • Multiple alarms
  • ACC detection for ignition status
  • ACC detection for ignition status
fleetly iv5 GPS Tracking
fleetly iv5 GPS Tracking
Key Benefits
  • GPS MTK high sensitivity chip
  • Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time
  • It is suitable for many kinds of vehicles
  • Instant alert for Vibration, Overspeed, Power on, Power off
  • Stop the vehicle by breaking off the fuel or power connection

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