Automate delivery planning with Route Optimization Software

Fleetly Route Optimization, Multi model delivery and scheduling software optimizes routes using many factors such as distance, travel times, customer time preferences, delivery types, shift timings, lunch break time and more. Each delivery powered by video visuals and automates the load space offloading of goods with automation.

Route Planner

With powerful route planning and optimization software enabling enterprises to reduce carbon footprint and increase profits. Intuitive Route Planning and dispatch software packaged with inbuilt GPS Based tracking, Exceptions management, Delivery automation, Route Planning and video automation & Hybrid Fleet Management.

  • Hybrid Fleet Management
  • Video Telematics & Automation
  • Route Optimization & Planning
  • Track and Trace
  • Exception Management
fleetly scheduling & routing Route Planner
Hybrid Fleet Management

Manage own and gray fleet on a single platform. Track operational excellence for transporters and vehicles to appraise the best and penalize the low performers.

Video Telematics & Automation

Fleetly combines power of Video Telematics & route planning to capture visual evidence to every key milestone and delivery.

Route Optimization & Planning

Advanced AI algorithms to optimize routes and schedule shipments with most efficient way to achieve results in cost-optimal manner.

Track and Trace

Inbuilt high frequency GPS tracking enables suppliers to have better visibility with Bird’s eye view of all deliveries within every type of fulfilment and channels.

Exception Management

Mitigate risks with automated vehicle detention identification and other exceptions to make it visible to the risk officers ensuring optimization at every stage in the life cycle of multi model delivery systems.