What is the Direct Vision Standard

May 23,2021

Fleetly Direct Vision Standard

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is the first legislation of its kind. From 26th October 2020, ALL goods vehicles over 12 tonnes will require a permit to drive into Greater London, including vehicles from outside of the UK. Enforced by Transport for London (TfL), the legislation is based on a ‘star rating’ indicating how much a driver can see from the cab in relation to other road users.

Eligibility for a permit

It's very easy to find your eligibility on the Tfl's' website.Then enter your vehicle reg and country of registration and it will provide you with your vehicle’s current direct vision star rating. you must ensure your vehicle meets a minimum ‘one-star’ rating.

With out having a permit?

If you drive in Greater London without the permit you will receive a DVS penalty charge of up to £550 for an operator, and £130 for a driver – enough to take away the profit from any day’s work. The operator fine will be reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days, but it’s much wiser to ensure your fleet is compliant instead of running the gauntlet with TfL.

What are the Safety Equipment?
Once rating completed the star ratings cannot be changed.ALL the following equipment, and any deviation from the guidance will result in a fine.

Class V and VI mirrors must fit your vehicle

Must have fully operational camera monitoring system to your vehicle

A For driver alerts sensor system must be their.

Warning of intended manoeuvres:

Good audible vehicle manoeuvring warning for both left and right turns.

Vehicle must have danger sign.

Side underrun protection regulations

How long will the permit last?

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Tfl scheme will be implemented by a decriminalised Traffic Regulation Order, meaning a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued. Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras will detect a vehicle which will be checked with TfL’s permit database.

The Application Process

All HGVs need a star rating which can only be obtained by contacting the manufacturer. There is no published available. After checking your vehicle’s star rating TfL website , you can simply click ‘apply’ and applications are free of charge.