Smart and connected Video Safety Solution for fleets

A connected vehicle solution helps you from unwanted incidents and notify its realtime positioning all times.

Smart and connected Video Safety Solution for fleets

A connected vehicle solution helps you from unwanted incidents and notify its realtime positioning all times.

Smart and connected Video Safety Solution for fleets

A connected vehicle solution helps you from unwanted incidents and notify its realtime positioning all times.

Smart and connected Video Safety Solution for fleets

A connected vehicle solution helps you from unwanted incidents and notify its realtime positioning all times.

ADAS & DSM Technology enabling drivers to prevent collisions before they occur.

Realtime connected platform with continuous driver monitoring and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Integrated Video Analytics with comprehensive Fleet Management Solution

Fleetly is a device agnostic platform, supports over 75+ native devices and approximately 2000+ devices from all leading manufacturers.

Vehicle Tracking Solution + Dash Camera + AI : A Smart and connected Video enabled Fleet Management Solution

Fleetly Video analytics and Artificial Intelligence to provide truly sophisticated Fleet management software to improve efficiency.

Asset & Vehicle Tracking solution - Enabling logistic providers to monitor assets ON and OFF roads.

Quality asset tracking devices to track valuable asset locations in real time.

A complete fleet management software to improve Productivity, Efficiency and Growth

Our fleet management refers to the overall actions that take place to keep a fleet running efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Dash cameras, Multi Channel Vehicle Safety and Driver coaching Program

Fleetly provides wide range of devices to suite every type of vehicle and asset. Contact sales for additional information

Theft prevention technology with remote immobilization

Fleetly F4-Duo HD Security dashcam's anti-theft technology prevents vehicle theft.

Uncompromised solution for Public Sector vehicles with real time routing and safety

Fleetly provides a unique solution to public sector organisations to eliminate waste & misuse, improve efficiency.

Vehicle Tracking System

Fleetly Fleet Management Software UK is a unique and state of the art GPS Tracking and sensor reading IoT platform made and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Our Vehicle tracking solutions platform is a perfect combination of the traditional tracking and a unique technology such as video telematics and Artificial Intelligence providing the sophisticated fleet management solution that is accessible across multiple devices such as Mac, PC, Tablet and Mobile at any time and from anywhere around the world. Fleet Management Software is developed with a vision to improve efficiency, become compliant, educating drivers systematically to improve road safety and reduce fatalities.

Solutions for

Private vehicle owners and Fleet operators.

An easy to use and one of the best fleet management software Uk APP and Web platforms enables you stay connected with your vehicle 24/7. Cloud based vehicle tracking solution reassures your family or customers with trust and timely service resulting in safety and reliability.

  • Best Quality GPS Live Tracking and A complete route replay
  • Track the Driver Behaviour and AI based alert notifications
  • A connected Vehicle Solution with real-time updates
  • HD 1080p Video loop recording - Front, Dual and Multi-channel camera solution
  • Curtail Fuel waste and Save Money

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicle(s) location real time and combine it with the power of video to provide safety.

Geo fencing

Create geographical fences on map to notify movement of vehicles or assets in real time.

Replay Trips

Trip replay feature enable fleet managers to play historical trips on map to check driver habits.

Service Reminders

Great companion tool, where vehicle service, road tax to keep vehicle(s) road worthy.

Driver Coaching

Provides uncompromised tools and reports for drivers and vehicle owners to guide to improve road safety.


A Detailed analysis of driving, Idling, Driver scoring reports available from great collection.

Location Sharing

Share your vehicle location with friends to track their asset movements in real time.

+ Many more…

Fleetly has many features and adding almost every day. We strive to provide the best tools and software.

Fleetly A true vehicle connected & device agnostic IoT platform

Fleetly Fleet Dashcam Solutions a GPS based tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) platform build upon TrackAny and hosted within Microsoft Azure data centres. Fleet Management Software UK is feature rich to exploit every device potential to transform data analytics into a meaningful data shape helping vehicle owners and fleet operators to handle your fleets efficiently..

  • Dashcam solution for private and public sector vehicles
  • Dashcam and vehicle safety solution for Individuals and Families
  • 2 Channel Dashcam solution for Commercial Fleets
  • Multi-Channel DVR solutions (Channels 4, 5 and 8)
  • 6 Axis - GSensor Data modules
  • RFID Based Driver Identification Modules
  • A Simple Self install OBD Device Integration
  • Real-Time BIKE and CAR Tracking solution

1080p dual camera

Track your entire fleet on a single screen.

Pre-installed SIM

Device has inbuilt sim to perform network operations

3000 mAh battery

High capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficient power supply

Inbuilt speaker and mic

Device has Inbuilt speaker and mic for better improments

Engine cut-off

Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel or power connection

Plug & Play device

Plug & Play device with quality GPS data capture and instant alarms for safety


Device will send emergency alerts when your loved ones are in panic situation.

Driver behaviour analysis

Educate drivers to improve vehicle performance and motivate them using driver leader boards.

Dual Dash Camera

Dual dash camera will be a crucial tool for ensuring safety on the road. Fleet Dash cam solutions with clear 1080p HD video recording at 30 frames per second on a wide-angle 140-degree lens, Dashcam is able to get every detail. Fleet management software UK will automatically detect collisions, fleet video tracking and save those video files for later so you don’t lose them.

fleetly dashcams

F4-Duo 1080p

F4-Duo 1080p is a 4G advanced commercial grade Professional Dashcam.

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fleetly dashcams

F4-Duo HD

F4-Duo HD is a 4G advanced commercial grade Professional Dashcam.

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fleetly dashcams

F4-Duo AI

F4-Duo HD DMS is powered by AI and computer vision high quality Dashcam .

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Vehicle Multi Camera System

Vehicle Multi-channel solution provides protection to the drivers and vehicles all around. Fleetly’s vehicle multi-camera system is designed to Protect assets from HGVs or Vans and monitor expensive assets in transit. Fleetly having the best vehicle multi camera system.

Fleetly specialised telematics provider in all kinds of vehicles including Light commercial vehicles (LCV), Heavy goods vehicles (HGV), Passenger Carriers (Buses & Mini vans) with recording upto 8 cameras to provide 360-degree view all around the vehicle. Our vehicle multi camera system definitely the best in the market place.

Direct Vision Standard

Direct Vision Standard, which becomes mandatory forms part of Transport for London(TfL's) Vision Zero Plan, to improve the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in order to eliminate death and serious injury on London’s transport network.

Enforced by Transport for London (TfL), the legislation is based on a ‘star rating’ indicating how much a driver can see from the cab in relation to other road users.

We are serving


Fleetly provide solutions to wide range business segments irrespective of its size. We specialized in providing bespoke business solutions.

gps tracking system for Commercial Fleets

Commercial Fleets

Optimise fleet operations with real-time insights and real time tracking.

gps tracking system for Commercial Fleets

Transport & Logistics

Oneness streamline fleet operations with vehicle tracking, driver safety and compliance

gps tracking system for Industries Fleets

Emergency Services

Advanced route planning, Video Live and two-way communication add-ons make Fleetly a best SOS solution.

gps tracking system for Industries Fleets

Insurance (UBI)

Telematics insurance solutions are crafted to suite your business needs.

gps tracking system for Industries Fleets

Utility Companies

Streamline fleet vehicles, Jobs and resources with Fleetly.

gps tracking system for Tourism


Video telematics offer safety and security to tourism vehicles

gps tracking system for Public-Sector

Public Sector

A connected Vehicle tracking platform provides real-time visibility of vehicles.

gps tracking system for Schools

Schools & Colleges

School transport, student tracking challenges are resolved here!!

gps tracking system for Taxis

Taxi Passenger

Artificial Intelligence and MF sensors empower on and off road safety

gps tracking while accidents

An easy to use and powerful web and mobile platforms enable you to connect with your vehicle 24/7. Reassure your family or customers with trust and timely service which results in safety and reliability.

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Insurance (UBI)

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is a new norm in the insurance industry. Whether it’s a pay as go insurance model or to introduce rewarding system for good drivers - Fleetly provides innovative solutions Usage Based Insurance programs targeting the policy holders.

  • Smart Driving technologies with full telematics and video evidence
  • Young Driver bespoke insurance workflow and policy management
  • Driver Coaching and Behaviour analysis and insights with visual presentation
  • DR. Resolva – A Dedicated risk manager application to manage incidents and FNOL process
  • Reduce claims processing administration time
  • Monitor mileage, driving time, restricted areas and driver behaviour

Fleetly innovative technology for insurance companies helps to monitor and protect from false claims from bad drivers and rewards good drivers with additional miles or credits towards reducing premiums.


Our partners are provided with all the information resources and communication platforms needed for work, along with constant assistance from Fleetly.

fleetly partners
fleetly partners
fleetly partners
fleetly partners
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fleetly partners

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Why Choose Us

Fleetly from a dynamic technology company, combined its decades of technical experience with business acumen to produce the best telematics platform to solve critical fleet management challenges and to improve road safety by continuously educating drivers.

Comprehensive Vehicle & Asset Tracking Platform

A powerful and innovative vehicle and asset tracking platform to help you streamline your fleet operations and comply with duty of care.

Learn Beyond Video & Dashcams

Fleetly goes beyond a standard video, it analyses video and telemetry and combines data to train drivers from time to time to make roads safer.

Enable Safety to your Family with Duo Camera

Dashcam with forward and inward facing camera helps you to have surveillance on your vehicle and provide safety to passengers or family.

SOS Feature to reach driver in emergency

In emergency situations you can reach your vehicle to speak to the driver and passenger to ensure their safety

Educating drivers to make roads safer

Fleetly analyses driving habits and produces a coaching material to educate drivers to make roads safer.

How it works

Work Process

A set of inter-connected sensors, cameras and telematic unit cohesively stream data to services, Artificial Intelligence, computer vision systems to produce a meaningful data insights for the decisin makers.

gps tracking system

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