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Faster and efficient response time

The first and foremost responsibility of the emergency service provider is to send the nearest team on the right spot as quick as possible. Where the conventional way is to call all the ambulance driver to know their exact location, which can be time-consuming and quite an inefficient way to respond to an emergency.

Improved Safety with In-Vehicle Cameras

Fleetly Live offers comprehensive set of tools to create various types of reminders. Reminders module helps fleet operators and vehicle owners to keep vehicle road worthy all times. Create insure expiration, Pollution test, service reminders. Dynamic service reminders create alerts based on mileage.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Notifications are key informative alerts sent to subscribed users. Notifications are sent by email, SMS and system alerts.

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Optimizing response time by critical minutes

Where every passing second matter the most and every minute can be life-changing, emergency service officers often face difficulty in setting the right route, organizing the vehicle and reaching the spot on appropriate time.

Where most of the officers put their lives on risk by staying on high alert and responding quickly, having a GPS-equipped vehicle adds to their unprecedented level of competence and adeptness.

Improved response routes and reduced downtimes

The crucial role of an emergency vehicle is to save human lives while making sure that the GPS tells you the shortest possible way for the emergency spot.

The Fleetly tracking and emergency GPS systems not only set the right route for the emergency spot; instead, it also notifies you about the maintenance and periodic servicing of the emergency vehicle. Apart from that, the Fleetly emergency vehicle GPS system is equipped with firewall security rules to avoid all sorts of malfunctioning or system failure.