Driver Monitoring System

Running an efficient fleet is a challenging task, without an efficient system it is almost impossible to avert risk and reduce operations costs. Therefore, it is essential to use fleet management system combined with driver behaviour analysis, driver coaching tools to ensure driver are regularly trained. Periodic driver league table enables Fleet Managers to reward good drivers and train drivers regularly to improve driver behaviour to make roads safer.
Fleet Telematics solution such as Fleetly can help businesses to identify driving patterns such as rash driving, Idling and Over speed. These tools enable fleet managers to monitor worst performing drivers and coach them in a right direction to transform them to good drivers. It results in reduction in fuel usage, reduces costs and improves profitability. It also reduces wear and tear and low running costs leads to increased profitability.

fleetly Driver Monitoring System

Driver League Table / Reports

Telematics solution analyses driver behaviour events and prepare a driver league tables where comparison of driver scores is highlighted. The drivers with erratic driving behaviour are highlighted as a Risk Profile to the business. Good Drivers are marked with Highest scores, It simply uses colour coding to categorise drivers based on the score.

Telematics driver behaviour primarily takes 5 factors in calculating driver scores i.e. Cornering, Acceleration, Braking, Speed and time of travel. Each factor score is separately show and cumulative score based on weightage rules are applied therefore each driver is fairly scored.

Driver coaching tools from Fleetly enables fleet operators reduce an average 18% operational costs. Continuous driver coaching enables business

fleelty Driver Mobile App and Website

Driver Mobile App and Website

A dedicated driver mobile app and/or website would enable drivers to continuously check with scoring and improve their driving behaviour. Driver application enables drivers to check events in detail with evidences such as GSensor Graphs, Photos and Videos.

Evidence based driver behaviour events enables and becomes a good coaching tool for the drivers to improve their driving and make roads safer every day.

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