Automatic Passenger Counter (APC)

A cutting-edge AI Powered Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) camera system relies on 3D sensing technology accurately captures both directional moving passengers to obtain precise statistics of onboarding and alighting passengers.

Our solution enables transport operators to determine optimum vehicle scheduling based on real passenger load.

  • Passenger counting to plan optimal vehicle frequency
  • Flexible vehicle capacity
  • Vehicle space management
  • Passenger guidance with real-time data
fleetly optimization of Routes with APC

Efficient optimization of Routes

The realistic data from Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) helps operators with efficient route optimization. The transport operations plan resources based on demand therefore good data comes to very handy for the optimization of Routes.

Vehicles use in line with passengers occupancy

The advanced 3D Sensor Technology combined with AI algorithms within APC cameras provide captures reliable data and distinguishes between humans and objects such as baggage items, bicycles, strollers etc., The reliable data helps transport planners ensuring right number of vehicles and trips including accessible infrastructure where demand exists.

fleetly passengers occupancy with APC
fleetly passenger load with APC
Reliable determination of passenger load

The transport companies able to review historical data up to a year to optimally allocate and adjust the vehicle capacities and type of vehicles meeting the demand of the transport volume. This enables the fuel savings and avoid trips off peak times where no passengers demand in the routes.

Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs by optimally managing the vehicles and its routes depending on the seasonal demand. Use trailer vehicles or mini buses based on the passenger usage.

Flexible vehicle adaption

The accurate data capture enabling transport operators to adjust vehicles and its capacity using the real-time data. Enabling the operators to manage load, vehicle volume and route efficiently allowing flexible vehicle adaption across all routes.

Revenue planning based on accurate data

Transport companies can forecast their revenues based on seasonal and historical data. Streamlined automatic counter with reliable technology helping major transport businesses.