Insurance Solution

Fleetly telematics cutting-edge platform developed to offer market leading technology for insurance market in the area of Usage based Insurance (UBI), Commercial fleet insurance and young drivers’ insurance. Driver behaviour data combined with telemetry enables insurance providers to assess true risk to provide an accurate premium to the policy holders.

Telematics insurance policies have become standard in the modern days. This solution offers safety and lower premiums to the driver who drives sensible. Fleetly offers a dedicated Risk Manager application for insurance providers to assess policy holders risk day to day. In the event of an accident insurance providers to engage with policy holders and provide an assurance and trust.

  • Driver interaction & behaviour analysis
  • Risk Management and Driver scoring
  • Incentives to best drivers
  • Incident Management & Alerts
  • Incident analysis and claims management

Driver interaction & behaviour analysis

Fleetly has wide variety of devices where most devices built with 6 Axis G-Sensor and/or Gyroscope modules to analyse driver behaviour data. GSensor data collected during trips are analysed with serverless computing technology to create events where driver coaching events are identified and created as events. Each trip is scored therefore drivers can learn from their driving habits to improve safety and efficiency.

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