Technology advancements in the area of transport has become an imminent to address 21st century road network problems such as congestion, speeding etc., Majority of accidents occur due to human error. Many research organisations across the world has published papers suggests human errors are the root cause for the road accidents.
Fleetly developed a technology in association with device manufacturers to provide vehicle safety solution to reduce road fatalities by minimising human faults. Advanced Driver Assistance systems provide automated assistance to drivers in the below areas:

  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Lane departure warning
  • Collision avoidance
  • Reversing assistance
  • Distraction Driving (Mobile usage, Smoking & Eating while Driving)
  • Driver Monitoring System(DMS)

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Fleetly DMS

F4 -DuoHD

The F4-DuoHD is our highest-level integrated video telematics solution for fleets. Using high-end DMS technology, you can capture what matters most, coach your drivers, mitigate risk, defend against fraudulent insurance claims, and protect your business' reputation. The F4-DuoHD LTE dash cam works independently of any phone or hotspot, allowing for reliable and smooth recording on the road.