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IntroducingFleet Asset Management System

Many businesses struggle to keep track of expensive assets such as Plants, equipment and various assets. It is very essential to optimal use of equipment to make it profitable. Plant equipment moving and various locations could be a challenging without systems help such as Fleet Asset Management solution.

Fleetly Asset Management solution helps businesses to track their expensive assets all times and powerful solution enables you to help with equipment moving and efficient use of plant equipment etc.

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Relocation and Moving

Logistic companies moving assets often requires to assure their customers to provide a piece of mind during transit of their goods to the destination. Fleetly AT4 Asset Tracking enables logistic companies to share journey details to their customers therefore customers can track their items in near real-time.

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Safety and Security

Fleetly Asset management system comes with a powerful Geofence system which allow you to create a virtual boundary of your assets. When assets move out of the pre-defined virtual boundary, Fleetly Asset Tracking system sends an Instant alert via SMS and Email therefore you can take an immediate action to notify Police to take immediate action to safe guard against assets theft.