fleetly GPS with Dashcam

IntroducingGPS with Dashcam

Having additional eyes in any kind of business will always help improve the decision-making process. A GPS solution with video delivers a reliable, real-time and supported knowledge of each relevant event.
Fleetly brings an innovative GPS service with dashcam combined with artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring through super rich GPS tracking system., With the installation of high-definition cameras, everything that happened inside and around the vehicle is recorded.

Our Dashcam is based on the use of cameras with GPS with video transmission in real time. It also features the live location of each vehicle, instant alarms and all the AI power derived from our intelligent product

Our Video Vehicle Control service for companies includes a robust online platform for vehicle tracking, where you get the history of the routes along with the camera recordings. Our dash cam with GPS platform with online tracking and monitoring is an optimal service for people and SMEs.

Records Video

Video recording in full HD (1920 x 1080p with 30fps and H.264 compression).

Capture Pictures

Access to take pictures and watch videos "online" and distance from both cameras

Backup Data

Backup video recording and photos in the cloud.

Avoid Accidents

Prevent illegal manoeuvres to avoid accidents.

Instant Alerts

Send messages to the occupants of the vehicle.

Camera usage

Use cameras with night vision to always be aware of what is happening.

IntroducingDashcam for Cars

Our new and innovative Dashcams bring together all the benefits of a standard GPS system with improved potential of artificial intelligence. This service is based on the use of cameras with GPS with video transmission in real time.

Our Dashcam for cars keeps an audio-visual record of your vehicle’s interior in high definition, such as the monitoring of chauffeurs or passengers. With the secondary camera, you can see what happens on the road in front of the driver or behind the vehicle. We can monitor the location of the vehicle in real-time and its history with our online GPS platform.

Real-time mobile video camera

The cameras that guard the truck fleet in real time promote security and discourage theft. Likewise, the panic button allows employees to alert supervisors about any dangerous situation or expected conflict.
Truck thefts and cargo in general are large. Therefore, our company acted on the matter by putting cameras that transmit in real-time. This action greatly mitigated the assaults. Our solution dramatically lowered the rate of assaults on these trucks, which had been taking place continuously.