fleetly gps for driver behaviour and analysis

Driver Behaviour Analysis and Coaching

Fleetly has wide variety of devices where most devices built with 6 Axis G-Sensor and/or Gyroscope modules to analyse driver behaviour data. GSensor data collected during trips are analysed with serverless computing technology to create events where driver coaching events are identified and created as events. Each trip is scored therefore drivers can learn from their driving habits to improve safety and efficiency.

Absolute real time – VPS (Vehicle Positioning System)

Fleetly Vehicles’ module provides satellite view of customers business area to provide bird eye view of its fleet vehicles with its precise location with the status of the vehicle if it is being driven, parked or Idling.

best gps vehicle tracking precise location
best gps for real time vehicle positioning system

SOS Emergency

SOS Button is an accessory provided with Fleetly Live, the device is being used to alert fleet managers in the event of emergency. The SOS Button press activates an alert with accurate position of vehicle with evidence data. Notifications are sent to all subscribers or key stakeholders.

fleetly tracking platform

Driver App

Fleet owners can grant access to drivers therefore they would be able to see their trip, driving habits therefore continuous driver coaching is provided to drivers to improve every day. Informed notifications to the driver in real time.

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