fleetly Reminders and Services

Reminders and Services

Fleet operation is a complex activity and tremendous task to the fleet managers to oversee large fleets. Compliance rules and regulations such as Corporate Manslaughter laws requires a discipline to the organisations to ensure vehicles are serviced on time and kept roadworthy for the safety.

Vehicles require a periodic service on time such as Oil changes, recommended mileage services, Tyre safety checks, Insurance renewals and Pollution check. Advanced fleet management solution such as Fleetly enables fleet owners create reminders at set times or at an automated schedules based on Mileage or time.

fleetly Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service

Healthy vehicles improve the profitability of a Fleet therefore It is must to ensure vehicles serviced on time. Regular diagnostics and service reduces the vehicle downtime and increases profitability. Create your Oil Change or Mileage or Time lapse services and Never a miss a service schedule.

fleetly Insurance Reminders

Insurance Reminders

All vehicles on road must have to have at least a third-Party insurance to ensure in the evet of something happens protecting other road users. Failing to renew insurance could costs millions and careless driving case which could send fleet owners to the JAIL. Therefore, to avert risk corporates or Fleet businesses must have valid insurance to the vehicles.

fleetly Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection

Create a reminder for drivers to perform regular vehicle inspection to ensure cleanliness is managed all times.
Most fleets pass this responsibility on their drivers to complete an online/offline form.