iTriangle Infotech, a Bangalore based Company is a leading player in the domain of Vehicle Telematics and is the largest Indian manufacturer of Vehicle Telematics Hardware. The Company offers end to end solutions in the domain



Device Agnostic IoT Vehicle Tracking Platform for all Itriangle hardware resellers or partners.

Secure and Azure hosted PaaS Platform

Advanced White Label solution

Web and Mobile Platforms

Security is a Paramount

Extendable - Bespoke Development Options

Firmware Validations

Competative Pricing for Platform

F4-Duo Intelligent Dashcam


Bharat 101 - AIS-140 Certified Vehicle Tracking Device, For Bus And Truck , View Mobile Number 2% Response Rate ; Memory (MB), 8MB Solid State Flash , GPS Chipset

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F4-Duo HD Intelligent Dashcam


UX - 101 AISI 140 Vehicle Tracking Device ; Frequency Bands. B1,B3,B5,B40 , Peak Download Rate. 150 Mbps , Peak Upload Rate. 50 Mbps , Antenna.

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