best gps for Transport & Logistics

Post by Venkatesh: June 09, 2022

Risk Manager

Large to Medium organisation requires a technology platform to manage fleet risk day to day. Drivers are required to coach and make them responsible for their actions. Vehicle owners or Fleet managers providing addition support to their drivers when unthinkable happens. If vehicles involve in a collision, providing immediate support to drivers and passengers is crucial. Fleetly Risk manager allows fleet owners and HR executives to assess impact on incidents with 3 axis data enabling you to take immediate action.

Event analysis with reasoning enables Risk Manager to analyse events to categorise incidents and accidents therefore archive events for insurance purposes. Fleetly Risk Manager enables claim handlers to request and capture additional information from drivers and fleet manager to initiate claims process

best gps for Transport & Logistics

Post by Suman Choudhary: April 24, 2022

Partner With Fleetly To Offer Additional Service To Your Customers.

Fleetly works with major automobile partners, insurance providers and other fleet solution providers by providing white label and API for the enterprise scale application integrations. Fleetly telematics and fleet management solution, SaaS based platform hosted within Microsoft Azure with logical and physical separation of data enabling global solution providers to meet compliance with top class security and high availability.

  • Fully managed SaaS based platform

  • Fixed cost solution

  • Mobile & Web Applications

  • Device Agnostic platform

best gps for Transport & Logistics

Post by Wilson: March 16, 2022

Vehicle Service & Scheduling

Fleet operation is a complex activity and tremendous task to the fleet managers to oversee large fleets. Compliance rules and regulations such as Corporate Manslaughter laws requires a discipline to the organisations to ensure vehicles are serviced on time and kept roadworthy for the safety.

Vehicles require a periodic service on time such as Oil changes, recommended mileage services, Tyre safety checks, Insurance renewals and Pollution check. Advanced fleet management solution such as Fleetly enables fleet owners create reminders at set times or at an automated schedules based on Mileage or time.