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Post by Caroline : december 27, 2020

Sunsetting of 3G Networks in the United Kingdom

All UK networks have committed closing 3G networks in the next few years starting from Year 2023. UK’s Major network provider Vodafone start to switch off 3G Network in phased manner in Year 2023 with an aim to switch off completely by December 2023. Vodafone starting to switch off their 3G network in Plymouth & Basingstoke area in February 2023.

All other networks such as Three, EE are following. EE Network confirmed that they would switch off 3G Network completely by end of 2024, however they would start switching off from December 2023.

Three network 3G Sunset plans are in line with EE network. 3G Network will be shutdown completely by December 2024.


  • Vodafone from February 2023

  • EE Network plan to switch off from January 2024

  • Three (3) Network – plan to switch off fully by December 2024

  • O2 not announced their plans on switch-off 3G.

The above are the main network providers in the United Kingdom. All other networks such as TESCO, Lebara, ID use one of the above networks therefore 3G sunset times applies as per their network provider deadlines.

All other networks those have not announced their 3G Sunset plans have to abide by the joint agreement with the Government. The default deadline for them to stop supporting 3G by 2033 this is inline with all network providers commitment to the UK Government.

Fleet owners and operators must consider these deadlines while purchasing new telematics hardware and suppliers. Fleetly advises all fleet customers do not purchase 3G dash camera or MDVR equipment starting from 2023 to ensure best return on Investment to your organisation.

Fleetly Telematics has been selling 4G equipment for over 2.5 years and all hardware supplied includes 5 years support guarantee. If you require Dashcams or Multi camera systems MDVRs, contact our sales team.

Check out on for available hardware and subscription plans.

best fleet management service to your customers

Post by Wilson: November 20, 2022

Partner With Fleetly To Offer Additional Service To Your Customers

Fleetly works with major automobile partners, insurance providers and other fleet solution providers by providing white label and API for the enterprise scale application integrations. Fleetly telematics and fleet management solution, SaaS based platform hosted within Microsoft Azure with logical and physical separation of data enabling global solution providers to meet compliance with top class security and high availability.

  • Fully managed SaaS based platform

  • Fixed cost solution

  • Secured and High availability

  • Mobile & Web Applications

  • Device Agnostic platform

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Post by Ludhiya Elipe: October 13, 2022

Asset Tracking

Many businesses struggle to keep track of expensive assets such as Plants, equipment and various assets. It is very essential to optimal use of equipment to make it profitable. Plant equipment moving and various locations could be a challenging without systems help such as Fleet Asset Management solution. Fleetly Asset Management solution helps businesses to track their expensive assets all times and powerful solution enables you to help with equipment moving and efficient use of plant equipment etc.