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As a professional, user-friendly and cost-effective dash camera with built-in AI processor, Fleetly FTDC-C6LS-2CH supports 1 channel 2K UHD video recording, dual Micro SD card storage, and dual-stream video recording. It can record road conditions in real time. In addition, it can upload video in real time to a monitoring platform that can be reviewed by fleet managers to help fleets guide drivers and reduce traffic risks.

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GPS Tracking

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Geo Fencing

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Live Tracking

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SD Card

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Key Features
  • 2MP resolution with 143° DFOV for road facing camera
  • Support up to 2-channel video recording, H.264/H.265 video coding
  • Dual Micro SD card storage, supporting dual-stream recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and 4G module
  • Dual Micro 256G SD card storage
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and 4G module
  • SD Card Backup
  • Improve the quality of two-way voice intercom
  • 6-axis gravity sensor detects intense driving behaviours
fleetly FTDC-C6LS-2CH Dash Cameras
fleetly FTDC-C6LS-2CH Dash Cameras
Key Benefits
  • Identify road risks and driver's unsafe driving behaviors automatically
  • Recordings of Event will be uploaded simultaneously to the cloud
  • Supports 4G Network & Engine data page CAN data collection
  • ADAS camera parameters supports the backlight compensation
  • Supports two Micro SD cards, with a maximum
  • Support OBD powering, easy installation
  • Support 4-channel input, 1 channel CAN and 1 channel RS232
  • Support sleep mode & wake-up (power consumption less than 0.1W)
  • Supported to Six-axis Sensor & GPS positioning

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